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New York Strip Curtains

Doors or Strip Curtains  are used all over industrial, commercial and institutional structures, both indoors and outdoors. Direct Refrigeration gaskets use this material mainly in Walk In refrigeration units. We ship bulk rolls all over the USA and provide full service installation all over New York City and Nassau County Long Island NY.


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You can observe through it, walk through it and drive through it. The strips part only enough to let a person or truck pass through. The balances of the strips remain closed with the parted strips falling right back into place automatically after passage, ensuring minimum loss of expensive heated or cooled air. Vinyl Strips are tough, strong – able to hold up the impact of heavy equipment and constant use.

Save on Energy – Vinyl Strip Door reduces the amount of air that can escape while a person or vehicle passes through the opening. In summer, this keeps filtered and conditioned cooled air inside and reduces humidity, while in the winter; it prevents frigid air from entering and costly heated air from escaping. It reduces compressor running times in walk-in coolers and freezers by as much as 45 percent, saving additional energy costs.

Pollution Seal: Vinyl Strip Door cuts the cost of operating air-filtration systems by sealing out dust, dirt, fumes, smoke and airborne contaminants.

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