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Our Gaskets provide a seal around the refrigerator door to prevent outside air from entering the cooler when the door is closed. Old or damaged door gaskets can lead to outside air leaks, resulting in higher refrigeration loads and excess frost build up on the evaporator. Replacing the damaged gasket can achieve a stronger seal, and help reduce refrigeration load.

Gaskets for Low Boy Unit

Custom Gaskets Installed

Professional Installation

Our trained professionals can install any type of gasket on any type of equipment. Some of our gaskets can even be installed by a manager or owner with the aid of our custom made instructions.

Custom mage gaskets

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Expert Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Door Repairs

Our professionals have extensive experience in replacing hardware on walk-in freezers and coolers. Repairs can include hinges, door sweeps, new floors, and other hardware. Depending on parts availability, many repairs can also be performed the same day.

New York Refrigeration Gaskets Manufacturing

Dr. Gasket manufacture every gasket you will need to any commercial unit including walk-in doors.
All gasket will be custom made gaskets for the unit and will be shipped and installed out to you within days.
Upon your request we will come to you with all different profiles of gaskets we carry so you can identify any gasket you need. You can also order any gasket you need by supplying serial number model number and size of gasket.


Our Services Offer:
High Quality Custom Gaskets, Professional made.
We have all kind of handles hinges and door closers.
Manufacture Walk-in doors and door farms.
Please have look on our full product line and services.

Here are some of the name brand that we serve:
Anthony, Arco, Bally, Barr, Bastion Blessing, Beverage Air, Bohn, Carter-Hoffman, Continental, Delafield, Duke, Elliott-Williams, Federal, Foster, Glencoe/Star Metal, Hobart/Koch, Howard/McCray, Houseman, Jordon/Fogel, Kelvinator,Kolpak/McCall, Leer, Master-Bilt, McQuay, Milgali, Nor-Lake, Norris, Northland, Perlick, Pinnacle,Progressive, Randell, Russell, Schaefer, Silver King, Stanley-Knight, Styleline, Sub-Zero, Tafco, Traulsen, True, Tyler, U-Line, Universal Nolin, Utolity, Verring/DeVille, Victory/Raetone, Vollrath, Vulcan Hart, Zero Zone.

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Expert Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Door Repairs. Sheet Metal work using aluminum Diamond Plate and Stainless steel. Renovate walk-in floors, walls, door and door frames.

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