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New York Aluminum Diamond Plate

We Carry 1/16″ , 1/8″ and 1/4″ Aluminum Diamond Plate

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Prices as low as $145.00 Per Sheet With Free Shipping (Manhattan delivery is $125 Flat…..Sorry) 

We Deliver Every Day to the Tri State Area ( New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut)

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New York diamond plate supplier


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Need a new walk in refrigeration floor?

Need a new wall covering made out of aluminum diamond plate or stainless steel ?

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We carry at all times 2 types of Aluminum Diamond Plate sheet.

1. 1/16″ – Thin material size 8 x 4 – We use this gauge to cover walls and walk in boxes. – BUY NOW

2. 1/8″ – Thick material size 10 x 4 – We use it for flooring – mainly elevators and refrigeration – BUY NOW

3. 1/4″ Aluminum Diamond plate – In shiny and Dull Finishes – Call 646-724-0434 for Pricing

We deliver same day

Aluminum plates in NY

Aluminum Diamond plate

Diamond Plate Sheet NY

Aluminum diamond plate – Metal Plates – Stainless Steel Plates – Walking Box Floor

Aluminum diamond platehas many uses, from the aluminum diamond plate wall  in your loading dock and elevators to aluminum diamond plate rocker panels on the front store counter and more. diamond plate door guards and step guards for  as well as new , safe , shiny walk in freezer floor.

ruined walk in floor

ruined walk-in floor

Diamond Plate floor

New Diamond Plate Floor with Panels

NY Diamond Plate 646-724-0434

Diamond Plate Wall Cover

new floor

Walk In New Floor

NY diamond plate aluminum sheet 646-724-0434

Refrigeration Threshold from Aluminum Diamond Plate

Old walk in floor before replacement

Old floor in a walk in box


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